Being a child he was all in music: at 8 he learned how to play the guitar and at 14 - the piano. His favorite composers from those times and until now are Sergey Prokofyev, Jean Sibelius, Bela Bartok, McCoy Tyner, Alexander Skryabin, Jerry Goldsmith. Vincent Cespedes is an author of many compositions, written in different genres - from contemporary music to classic stringed music, from retro styled compositions to difficult combinations with vocal and poetry combinations mixed with live and electronic instruments. 2010, in collaboration with great french choreographer Sandra Abouave and her company METARSES he created a successful plastic project SLIDE. That' how Vincent started to write music for theatre scene. In 2014 he started to work as a composer in a series EPOCH (for Channel Russia-1, 12 episodes). This is his first experience to work for television. Today Vincent is working on a several theatre and movie projects all around Europe and soon will present his first music album, which will consist of compositions in different styles and genres, represented by talented musicians from different countries. And on 2016 Vincent Cespedes will present in Russia big theatre music show ''Home&Hope', about russian emigration at the beginning of the 20-th century in Paris, where Vincent will not be composer only. It will be first expirience for him as an author of idea and a producer, in collaboration with russian producer Anastasia Perova.

Eternity (A. Rimbaud / V. Cespedes)

Poem: Arthur Rimbaud. Music: Vincent Cespedes. Voice : Lily Marcon.

Charity evening - Happy with you (От меня к тебе)

Charity evening of "Un Maillot pour la Vie Russie" before football match Russia - France, March 29, 2016.. My dear colleague Aset were singing song, which we made together for Russian Tv-series.

Ma Femme idéale

Musique, texte, interprétation : Vincent Cespedes. Guitares : Issa Kounta. Flûte : Alexis Morel. Mix : Kash Leone.  Pour lire les paroles :

Happy with you - От меня к тебе

singer: Musia Totibadze (Russia). The working track composed by Vincent Cespedes for russian TV-series "Born a star".

No regret

Paris, Le Petit Journal Montparnasse, 4th sept. 2012

EU VOU (Official Clip) - Interpreted by Eloisia - Music : Vincent Cespedes. Lyrics : Eliane dos Santos. Guitars : Issa Kounta, Robson Galdino.